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Important Information

  1. A mandatory system restore point is required to be created on all systems before any work can be started.
  2. Major software installations such as Operating System upgrades require a mandatory backup of all data before the upgrade process begins. Cost for this backup is $15, and depending upon the amount of data being backed up can take up to several hours to create. This backup can be waived with a signed waiver releasing Local Computer Repair Co. from any liability in the case of data loss. Please see our maintenance page for more information regarding our backups.
  3. All of our Software services are available either at our store location or for you either at our store location or on-site at your location


We will happily install any software package for just $10 per Non-Operating System install. While software installation seems commonplace these days, it is becoming more and more frequent for software installations (in particular downloaded software) to contain secondary installs such as browser toolbars or other programs that you may not be aware of.

Installation of Operating Systems $50.

Installed programs Review and cleanup *

If you have had a computer for any decent amount of time, you know that in general the longer you have had the computer the more software that is installed on your computer. While you think you may use most of the software that is installed, you may be surprised at how many programs are installed that you no longer use. These programs take up hard drive space that could be causing issues with fragmentation, and could be put to better use. For $20 We will gladly review your installed programs and make recommendations on which programs to remove, and help you remove them.

Disk space cleanup

Are you running out of hard drive space? In conjunction with our Installed programs Review and Cleanup service, we offer our Disk space cleanup service. For $15 + media this service not only covers running Disk Cleanup that comes with your Operating system, but also includes checking your system for excessive files in locations such as "My Downloads" and "My Pictures". Overtime these locations can become cluttered and take up a ton of space. We will take those files, remove the ones that are no longer needed, and place files that important to you on CD, freeing up that space.

* This service costs more than basic installation because we are reviewing all software installed on the computer.