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Important Information

  1. A mandatory backup is required of all data before any work can be started. Cost for this backup is $15, and depending upon the amount of data being backed up can take up to several hours to create. This backup can be waived with a signed waiver releasing Local Computer Repair Co. from any liability in the case of data loss. Please see our maintenance page for more information regarding our backups.
  2. Costs of Repairs and Hardware installation will ultimately depend upon the cost of the hardware if Local Computer Repair Co. is providing the hardware and depending upon availability could delay the overall repair time, although we will do our best to minimize costs and time whenever possible.
  3. Most Hardware installations require software interaction. Please be sure to check out our software services page for more information.

Computer Repair

Item Cost
Basic Diagnostic $30
Hardware Replacement Labor / Hour $20
Internal Air Cleaning ** $10
Cost of Parts Will Vary

Hardware Installation

Hardware Replacement Labor / Hour $20
Internal Air Cleaning** $10
Cost of Parts Will Vary

Custom Systems

Due to the nature of Custom Systems, pricing varies based on each system. For your convenience, we have provided some information that you will want to consider when looking into a custom PC. The first is a table of Local Computer Repair Co. costs for assembling the computer, and the list that follows that is a list of components that should be considered during the hardware selection process.

Hardware Assembly $50
Initial Software Installation $50

Hardware Components*


** - Internal air cleaning is accomplished via compressed air, and can be requested with any Hardware work. Making sure that your system is clean improves system performance and increases the longevity of your computer. Extremely dirty systems must be cleaned before the hardware can be worked on to ensure proper safety and improve hardware efficiency.

* - It is important to keep in mind that system requirements and specifications for each computer will vary based on what the computer will be used for, and should be kept in mind when choosing hardware components.

*! - These Component items are the items that will affect the overall performance level of the computer the most. While the "TOP of the lie" is not necassarilyrequired, these areas are not the best areas to look for cost savings.