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Our Location


Local Computer Repair Co. provides many different services. A brief summary of services is provided below. More in-depth service information including pricing can be found on the individual service pages.

Harddrive Image Hardware Services

  • Computer Repair
  • Hardware Installation
  • Custom Systems




Software Image Software Services

  • Installation
  • Installed programs Review and Cleanup
  • Disk space cleanup




Maintenance Image Maintenance Services

  • Basic Maintenance
  • Advanced Maintenance
  • Total Maintenance
  • Backups




On-Site Image On-Site Services

  • Hourly Onsite
  • PC Retrieval and Delivery
  • Minor Hardware Installation

Harddrive Image

Important Information

  1. A mandatory backup is required of all data before any work can be started. Cost for this backup is $15, and depending upon the amount of data being backed up can take upto several hours to create. This backup can be waived with a signed waiver releasing Local Computer Repair Co. from any liability in the case of data loss. Please see our maintenance page for more information regarding our backups.
  2. Costs of Repairs and Hardware installation will ultimately depend upon the cost of the hardware if the hardware is being provided by Local Computer Repair Co. and depending upon availability could delay the overall repair time, although we will do our best to minimize costs and time whenever possible.
  3. Most Hardware installations require software interaction. Please be sure to check out our software services page for more information.

Computer Repair

Item Cost
Basic Diagnostic $30
Hardware Replacement Labor / Hour $20
Internal Air Cleaning ** $10
Cost of Parts Will Vary

Hardware Installation

Hardware Replacement Labor / Hour $20
Internal Air Cleaning** $10
Cost of Parts Will Vary

Custom Systems

Due to the nature of Custom Systems pricing varies based on each system. For your convenience we have created to tables of information that you will want to consider when looking into a custom PC. The first is a table of Local Computer Repair Co. costs for assembling the computer. The list that follows that is a list of components that should be considered during the hardware selection process.

Hardware Assembly $50
Initial Software Installation $50

Hardware Components*

  • Case*!
  • Power Supply*!
  • MotherBoard*!
  • Processor
  • RAM*!
  • Video Card
  • Sound Card
  • Harddrives
  • CD/DVD Drives
  • Network Card


** - Internal air cleaning is accomplished via compressed air, and can be requested with any Hardware work. Making sure that your system is clean improves system performance and increases the longevity of your computer. Systems that are extremely dirty must be cleaned before the hardware can be worked on to ensure proper safety and improve hardware efficiency.

* - It is important to keep in mind that system requirements and specifications for each computer will vary based on what the computer will be used for, and should be kept in mind when choosing hardware components.

*! - These Component items are the items that will affect the overall performance level of the computer the most. While the "TOP of the lie" is not necassarilyrequired, these areas are not the best areas to look for cost savings.

Software Image

Important Information

  1. A mandatory system restore point is required to be created on all systems before any work can be started.
  2. Major software installations such as Operating System upgrades require a mandatory backup of all data before the upgrade process begins. Cost for this backup is $15, and depending upon the amount of data being backed up can take upto several hours to create. This backup can be waived with a signed waiver releasing Local Computer Repair Co. from any liability in the case of data loss. Please see our maintenance page for more information regarding our backups.
  3. All of our Software services are available either at our store location or for you either at our store location or on-site at your location


We will happily install any software package for just $10 per Non-Operating System install. While software installation seems common place these days, it is becoming more and more frequent for software installations (in particular downloaded software) to contain secondary installs such as browser toolbars or other programs that you may not be aware of.

Installation of Operating Systems $50.

Installed programs Review and cleanup *

If you've had a computer for any decent amount of time, you know that in general the longer you have had the computer the more software that is installed on your computer. While you think you may use most of the software that is installed, you may be suprised at how many programs are installed that you no longer use. These programs take up harddrive space that could be causing issues with fragmentation, and could be put to better use. For $20 We will gladly review your installed programs and make recommendations on which programs to remove, and help you remove them.

Disk space cleanup

Running out of harddrive space? In conjunction with our Installed programs Review and Cleanup service, we offer our Disk space cleanup service. For $15 + media this service not only covers running Disk Cleanup that comes with your Operating system, but also includes checking your system for excessive files in locations such as "My Downloads" and "My Pictures". Overtime these locations can become cluttered and take up a ton of space. We will take those files, remove the ones that are no longer needed, and place files that important to you on CD, freeing up that space.

* This service costs more than basic installtion because we are reviewing all software installed on the computer.

Maintenance Image

In order to keep your PC healthy, it is extremely important to perform regular maintenance. While almost all of this is maintenance that can be done at home, most of it can be extremely time consuming, which is why we offer Maintenance service. Bring your PC to us, or allow us to pick up your PC (see our On-site page for more information regarding pickup and delivery services, and we'll perform the maintenance for you.

Basic Maintenance - $50

  • Disk Defragment of All drives
  • Anti-Virus / Spyware Scans
  • Start Menu / Programs Review
  • External Air Cleaning
  • System Restore Point created

Advanced Maintenance - $60

  • Everything from the Basic Maintenance package
  • Disk Cleanup, Installed Software Review
  • Complete Windows Updates and check for latest drivers

Total Maintenance - $70+ cost of media

  • Everything from the lower level packages
  • Full data backup
  • Internal Air Cleaning (after data backup)


We perform backups primarily as a safety measure to protect your data while we work your computer. Our fee for performing backups (usually $15) is to help cover the cost of re-usuable media that over time needs to be replaced or expanded upon. We are not a full backup service. However when we do perform a backup we give our customers the chance to maintain a copy of that backup on some form of media (CD/DVD/Thumb Drive/External HDD) for the cost of said media. The customer may then store their backup at their location, or for another small one time fee of $25 we will maintain the backup at our location, giving the customer the option to follow the wisdom of "not putting all their eggs in one basket" and storing their backup at a location other than where their computer is located.

On-Site Image

Hourly Onsite

We provide most of our services at our store location, however, if you would prefer that we come to you we are happy to do so. Our Hourly rate is $20/hour, on top of the standard service for the service which is to be performed. Please keep in mind that some services can take a very long to complete, which dramatically increases the cost of on-site services.

PC Retrieval and Delivery

Have some PC work that needs to be done, but don't have the time to be at home while we work? If you live within 15 miles of our location for $20 We'll gladly meet you at your home at a convenient time and pickup your PC, then perform the work back at our store location. You can then either pickup your PC at your convenience at our store, or we will gladly deliver your PC back to your house when the work is complete.

Minor Hardware Installation

Need to have a new drive installed, or replace an expansion card. These are items that can be installed at your location generally in just a couple of hours (Pending backup time requirements). Major Hardware installations such as Motherboard replacements while they can be performed onsite, due to the time involved, we prefer to perform those installations at our store locations.

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