College Course Work/Projects:

General Courses:

Eng135H – Advanced Composition

Eng227 – Professional Writing

Laws420 – Legal and Ethical Issues  – Case Studies

Humn424 – Science Fiction

Math221 – Statistics for Decision Making

Col148 – Critical Thinking

Spch275 – Public Speaking

Acct301 – Essentials of Accounting

Reli448 – Comparative Religions

Sci204 – Environmental Science

Mgmt404 – Project Management


* The program Minitab was available for this class, however the professor taught most of the class through Excel, as such this file was created over the course of the class to assist with statistical calculations.

Computer Information Systems

Cis247 – Object Oriented Programming – C#

Cis206 – Architecture and Operating Systems

Cis363 – Web Interface Design

Cis321 – Structured Analysis and Design

Group Project:

Cis336 – Introduction to Database W/ Lab

Group Project:

Cis339 – Object Orientated Analisys and Design System Request


*1 All programs should contain the Visual Studio solution files, source code, and installation file. Installation files are for convenience. These programs are not meant for production and are named after the college courses they were for when installed.

*2 – Site for a hypothetical daycare company, built using a Dreamweaver template and then customized.

*3 – This version of Local Computer Repair Co was not required for my course project, however it is something that I wanted to try implementing.

Computer Forensics Focus Courses

CCSI330 – Digital Crime: Evidence and Procedure

CCSI410 – Digital Forensics I with Lab

Lab Reports

CCSI460 – Digital Forensics II with Lab (In Progress)

Lab Reports

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Homework Assignments

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Continued Self Education


Learn to Code by Making Games – Complete C# Unity Development

Block Breaker
Block Breaker
Block Breaker Unity 4.x Source Code
Block Breaker Unity 5.x Source code