My name is Matthew Ferry, and I live in Denton, TX. I graduated from DeVry University in 2014 with a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems.

I am currently looking for a programming / development position that will allow me to continue to learn and implement C# programming skills.

I am currently performing contract work for Animal Care Technologies out of Denton, Tx as a C# Developer in order to re-acquaint myself with C# , JavaScript, and Angular programming languages, with my current focus being on the C# side of things.

Before working for Animal Care Technologies I worked in the Computer Forensics industry as a Forensic Examiner / Network Administrator and Connectwise Administrator for approximately 2 years for D6 Consulting before the company filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors.

Prior to working for D6 Consulting I was employed by Internet America for approximately 11 years and performed many rolls within their support center, including Level 1 support, Team Lead and Escalations, e-mail response team, and training support. When Internet America moved their corporate offices to Houston, TX, I was unable to make the move due to family obligations. I stayed with the company as part of their remote call center, until that function was closed, and moving to Houston made mandatory (Sept 2010).